The school has been developed into a four-storied ‘L’ Type building constructed on 4646 Sq. mtrs. comprising  16 class rooms, 4 staff rooms and a room each for sports, music, audio visual, composite science lab, Computer Lab, Examination room, MI Room and Sports Room. The total area of the campus is 4.603 acres. The playground area has been designed for the various games like Basketball, Handball, Badminton, Football, Kho kho etc. The playground also has the playpen equipment for tiny tots of the school. Tiny tots enjoy the rides of swings, slides, sea-saw and merry-go-round under the surveillance of their teachers. The school has provided residential accommodation to the staff on the school campus. At present 5 Woman Teachers, 3 Male teachers, 1 Accountant and the Principal are staying on the campus.